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(no subject) [Jan. 30th, 2011://05:01 pm]
oh haaay guyz!
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(no subject) [Jun. 25th, 2009://11:41 pm]
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oh.. this was my whole point of posting and i totally forgot cuz chris pissed me off...

i was caught on candid camera. lol. i was at practice.. being silly... and someone took a picture. ha.
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(no subject) [Apr. 17th, 2009://05:22 am]
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my day in videos. kinda. cuz chris didn't upload them all. cuz youtube takes 400 years to upload shit.

singing and driving.

lawl, at walmart.
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(no subject) [Mar. 1st, 2009://05:07 am]
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the photo thing that everyone else is doingCollapse )
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(no subject) [Jan. 16th, 2009://06:57 pm]

(no subject) [Dec. 5th, 2008://03:27 am]
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i stole this. i have too many friends to write about each and every one of you. so this is mostly about people who i've been friends with for years now. as well as my favorite journals to read. (i think these are also a lot of mine and dawn's mutual friends, because we used to read lj together and talk about all you guys like we knew you in real life.)

i love you guys.

_kryz- i had fun the times we hung out. i love reading your journal cuz you're gangsta and "i don't give a fuuukk" even though i totally wouldn't expect that from you. lol.

ashahtrash- for some reason, i'm in love with reading your journal. you're so amazing and fascinating and interesting. and i think you're fucking beautiful, don't let anyone make you feel like you aren't.

blurry_static- i wish you updated more, i love reading your journal. and i love your tattoos, they're interesting and different.

deanzlilraver- you are so awesome. i love reading your journal. i want to come play in the snow with you!

h00k_in_m0uth- you're fucking insane. and i love your attitude. and the way you dress. and your attitude, lol.

meowberry- you're adorable. reading your journal is like going on an adventure. it's always interesting and always something new.

moontrip- i miss you so effing bad. you're amazing in real life. i've been reading your journal for like 4-5 years now. i can't even believe it. your journal is one of my favorites.

prettylush- i miss you. we used to be best friends until stupid nick was stupid. lol. i love when you update though, i read every word.

psychotic_glee- addy. oh god addy. i miss the shit out of you. like you don't even know. and i know you were all jealous and stuff when you moved back cuz i used to talk about dawn a lot.. and nothing against dawn, but you're the best and truest friend that i have EVER had. no one will EVER replace you. i trust you with my life. and totally, if either of us were a boy, we'd have hot babies. cuz we're like the perfect match. i love you so much. and i wish i hadn't taken our friendship for granted some times, like, not hanging out when i could have cuz i was all fucked up over eric and i put him before you. i should've spent more time with you, because now you're gone. i love you. i miss you. come and visit.

rainbow___pixie- i miss you. even though we only hung out a couple times. you've always been the fucking coolest and i've always been jealous of your art skillz. i still remember when you cut my hair, and nick made me feel bad, and i cried. lol. but you were a lot of fun. we had bad ass sleep overs.

sigaretta_noir- reading your journal makes me want to masturbate hard core. like.. whoa. haha. i love how blunt and honest you are.

she_overdosed- oh dawn. sometimes i wish i could talk to you. i don't know what happened to us. i doubt you'll read this, but i duno. i couldn't leave you out. you were my best friend for so long. i miss you. i miss our adventures. i miss being silly. i miss having a twin. we were so famous here, and without you, i've fallen off the map. i'm not outrageous or cool or something. you were the skrod to my skrink. lyngate was the shit. the Q. glowstick parties. sparks. fat mike. school. screaming while driving. listening to n*sync and 2gether. dying our hair. hating everyone, but everyone loved us. mcflurries. tourettes guy. big big titties. we have so much history, it's really a shame that we don't talk. i hope someday you'll be able to forgive me for whatever it is that i did to you. and we can at least talk or something. BITCH, i love you. don't talk shit about total.

twilightsoldier- i honestly don't know why i like reading your journal. haha. i used to read it to stalk you, like when nick and i were together, because i didn't like you. and now.. i duno, i just really enjoy reading it. and you're like the only ex-gf of a bf that i didn't totally hate. lol.

ultrafresh- brandi brite. i fucking love you. like holy shit. lol. dawn and i used to read your journal religiously. and we finally met you. wow. and as weird as this is, when we all used to do drugs and stuff, i looked up to you for some reason, you were like my inspiration. like your hair and make up and attitude. you were like a fairytale. and i wanted to be just like you. haha. i'm your biggest fan. lawl.
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(no subject) [Nov. 25th, 2008://03:26 am]
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does any one have any extra tickets to buzz bake sale? if so.. can i like, have one. for free? cuz i want to go SO BAD but i can't fucking afford it. like always.

ALL of my friends are going. minus derby people.. but fuuuuccckkk. that's so lame.

i miss dawn at the moment. cuz we used to always go to concerts together, no matter what. and now i have no one to go with. =/ i could go with eric.. yah. other than that, i don't really have a "group" that i hang out with.. i just have a couple of people. lame.


i added to new album to my myspace. go look at it.

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(no subject) [Nov. 20th, 2008://08:50 pm]
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for real. one of you bitches need to come out and join roller derby. NOW.
if i can do it, you can do it. i'm the biggest baby, EVER. it's not hard and it doesn't hurt THAT bad, lol.
we have extra skates and pads if you don't have your own.
if you have any questions, ASK. =D

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(no subject) [Sep. 17th, 2008://06:08 pm]
if you live in orlando or live really close to there. i'll be there on the 27th. come watch me play!!!

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(no subject) [Aug. 2nd, 2008://07:15 pm]
[where i be:// |my room]
[i feel:// |creativecreative]
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hey people. i'm sure you're all tired of me promoting derby.. but i'm in charge of recruiting, so get your asses in gear and join! =) and if you don't want to, tell your friends. OR you AND your friends join, it's more fun when you already know someone. just give it a try, at least one day, it's free and we have extra skates and pads.

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